A Venturer takes part in a programme suitable for young people from Forth Term year 10 to 18 ½.

Venturers are responsible for their own programmes.

The programmes would include a range of adventurous, vocational, social and spiritual activities that extend the Venturers and develop their self confidence, leadership, team and life skills.

A progressive award scheme enables Venturers to extend their range of skills and earn certificates that lead towards achieving the Queens Scout Award and/or the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

Ventures meet weekly during the school terms, plus occassional weekend and day activities.

The Venturers section objectives are:

  • Participate in an adventurous training programme which will equip them for safe enjoyment of the outdoors
  • Build self esteem and confidence
  • Have fun and enjoyment
  • Develop leadership and inter-personal skills
  • Develop new interests and constructive leisure activities
  • Test their values and opinions
  • Make informed choices
  • Encourage voluntary participation and empowerment
  • Take responsibility for their own actions
  • Contribute to the local and national community
  • Acquire life skills and learn about current issues
  • Explore spiritual development