Badges are an important part of Scouting. As our founder Robert Baden-Powell (BP) said “the sport in Scouting is to find the good in every boy (and girl now!) and develop it”. Badges help us to show the keas that we are proud of what they have achieved and with the effort they have put in. BP was keen that badges should be awarded for effort rather than achievement, saying that a Scout who worked really hard at something should be able to be proud of that, even if it was nowhere near as good as someone who was very skilled and had achieved the same with little effort. This is perhaps what he had in mind when he said “the Scoutmaster must be alert to check badge hunting as compared to badge earning”.

Keeping the above guidance from our Founder in mind, ASBSG Kea club have three ways of earning badges:

  1. Completing the Bronze, Silver and Gold Kea awards. This is done by attending Monday night sessions as our programme is designed to meet the requirements of these awards. Over the course of the two years the programme will ensure that by the time they move up to cubs they will have earned all three of these.
  2. Personal Challenge Badges. There are 10 personal challenge badges which keas are encouraged to work towards. Details of the requirements for these are in the links on this page. Parents or teachers can sign off to verify that these things have all been done. There are only 10 badges and they are supposed to last the two years at keas so we suggest completing about 2 per term.
  3. Special Event Badges. There are quite a number of special events throughout the year which keas are encouraged to participate in. Some are community events (e.g. ANZAC Day parades), others are zone events (kea sleepover for the whole Mahurangi zone; Founders Day at Browns Bay), and some are local (mudslide and wet-n-wild event). Keas are expected to attend at least one of these for each of their Bronze, Silver and Gold Kea badges.

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