Who can join All Saints Birkenhead Scout Group?

ASBSG welcomes both boys and girls from 5.5 to 18 years of age.

Is there a trial period to see if my child likes scouts?

Yes 3-4 weeks. If you like Scouting and our nights  are not suitable  there are other local groups you can check out.

Do I have to buy the uniform for my child?

You do not need to buy anything straight away – comfortable clothes and closed shoes are fine. Once your child has settled, then we ask you to pay the membership fees and buy a uniform shirt for them from the online Scout Shop at: http://www.scoutingdirect.co.nz.  When they are invested (after about four weeks, fees paid and in uniform) then we will present them with their scarf, woggle and group badges.

Is there a subsidy available for uniform or are there 2nd hand uniforms?

There is not,  but if you talk to your leaders they might be able to help.

My child has a special diet can he/she still go on camps?

Yes we quite often have children with special dietary needs.  Some parents prefer to bring their own food, otherwise we can make allowances.

Are ASBSG Leaders police vetted?

Yes we are.

Do leaders have qualifications?

Yes.  When signing on to become a leader there is a commitment to go through a scout leadership programme.  Leaders come from a varied background which adds to the groups overall variety of activities.

Do I have to let you know if my child is not coming?

If you can, that would be great.  Each session we sign off who is there.

Do you do weekend activities?

Yes we do.  This year we had group camps, sleepovers for Keas, Cubs or Scouts, Founders Day, Scouts in the Park, Day walks, JOTI/JOTA, Jamboree, and Wet n Wild.

Can I view my child’s achievements?

We have a new system called Online Scout Management (OSM) in which you can go online and check out your child’s details and see what badges they have and are working towards.

What opportunity is there for my child to meet others in Scouting?

ASBSG has been around since 1953 and every year we have a number of activities that bring the whole group together – Group camp, Mudslide Day, ANZAC Day Parade, the Birkenhead Christmas Parade and more!

What if my child doesn’t get on with another child?

There are ways of separating children to make sure that there is no added conflict between them.  In Scouting we have a zero tolerance to bullying.

What happens if my child gets hurt?

Leaders are required to hold a current First Aid Certificate, but if it is something big the parent is called and we ring 111.

My child is a bed wetter can they attend camps without feeling embarrassed?

Yes there are ways around it. They can change into pull ups in the bathroom or you can give a leader a change of bedding which we can change without anyone else knowing.

Can the parents come along to Scouts?

Parents are most welcome to come along for the first few times to settle their child or they can leave them on the first night, it all depends on your child.  We buddy them up with someone they already know where possible.

What do I do if I have any questions?

First of all talk to the Leaders, if they can’t help they will be able to direct you to the right person.  You can also have a look at the Scouting New Zealand website http://www.scouts.org.nz.  We have a group Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/asbsg.





What do you do at Keas?

What don’t we do! Perhaps the easiest way to answer this is to have a look at our termly programmes – these are available online at …… Whatever we are doing, it involves caring, sharing and having fun (the Kea Scout Motto).

What if camps are too expensive for my child?

Please see your Leader for this as they maybe able to help. We do try to keep costs to a minimum.

Can my child go camping in keas?

Scouting New Zealand rules say that keas can take part in sleepovers in a Scout Den or other permanent structure. To sleep in tents they must be in Cubs or Scouts so they can look forward to that when they are a bit older.

Why do the children talk about native birds when they are talking about the Kea Leaders?

Scouting has a tradition of Leaders ‘adopting’ names. In Cubs it is characters from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. At ASBSG the Kea Leaders all have names of NZ birds (current or extinct!). At the moment we have Moa, Fantail, Morepork, Pukeko, Kiwi and Weka.